Contact microphone (contact microphone), designed primarily for sound designers and field recordings. Distinctive features of this model are high sensitivity. Metal body and high-quality components. Each instance is assembled manually and passes the quality control stage.

Piezo contact mic Metal


120 $      

Vendor code: PCMM01M

Cost excluding VAT, delivery, customs, transfer fee.



Case Material - Duralumin

Diameter-44mm Height-10mm

Cable Type-Balanced

Cable Diameter - 3.7mm

Conductor Type - Oxygen-Free Copper

Screen Type - Twisted

Screen Material - Silver Plated Copper Insulation

Material - Heat Resistant Silicone

Connector -XLR male (not collapsible)

Frequency range-8-20000 Hz

Power - Phantom Power 48V

Additionally, you can order the installation of a ferrite filter on the cable. Contact us to find out if a filter is available.




Recording was made on a TASCAM DR-100mkIII audio recorder using a stereo pair of Piezo contact mic

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