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Piezo contact mic (contact microphone), designed primarily for sound designers and field recordings. Distinctive features of this model are high sensitivity and high-quality components. Each instance is assembled manually and passes the quality control stage. In this model, 3D FDM printing technology is used, which reduced the time and cost of manufacturing the case. This model belongs to the budget lineup and is sold only in the MONO version.

Piezo contact mic Plastic


Vendor code: PCMP01M

80 $   

Cost excluding VAT, delivery, customs, transfer fee.



Case Material - Plastic ABS or HIPS Case

Color - Red, Yellow, Gray



Cable Type-Balanced Cable

Diameter - 3.7mm

Conductor Type - Oxygen-Free Copper

Screen Type - Twisted

Screen Material - Silver Plated Copper

Insulation Material - Heat Resistant Silicone Connector -XLR male (not collapsible!)

Frequency range-8-20000 Hz

Power - Phantom Power 48V

Additionally, you can order the installation of a ferrite filter on the cable. Contact us to find out if a filter is available.


Recording was made on a TASCAM DR-100mkIII audio recorder using a stereo pair of Piezo contact mic